Everything You Need to Know About Rental Property Inspection

Everything You Need to Know About Rental Property Inspection

Being a landlord can offer you a lot of benefits, but there are added responsibilities as well. For one, you need to undergo rental property inspections to ensure your tenants are keeping everything in good condition. 

How do you go through a property inspection well? This article will walk you through everything you need to know!

What Is a Rental Property Inspection?

A rental property inspection refers to the process where landlords would check in on their property to make sure everything is in good condition. Conducting inspections will help you understand how well your tenants are taking care of the place, which will determine whether any deductions to their deposit or bond are necessary.

Often, people conduct rental property inspections during the processes of moving in and moving out. Checking the property before someone begins their rental will give you a standard of the condition of the area. This will enable you to compare the before-and-after of a tenant's stay.

For instance, if your carpets looked immaculate before someone moves in, but appear damaged when they want to move out, you can decide to deduct from their deposits.

What Should You Look For in a Property Inspection?

You may be confused about what you have to focus on when conducting an inspection. To help, you can prepare a rental property inspection checklist to bring with you to the location. This will give you an idea of what to look for.

Some things to consider include:

  • Whether the tenants are adhering to the policies you've set (for instance, the rule of not having pets)
  • How many tenants live in the property and whether this aligns with your original agreement
  • Whether there are any maintenance issues arising because of their stay (and the extent of these issues)
  • General wear and tear

While inspections are important, make sure you are not checking in on your tenants excessively. This creates discomfort for them and may even be against the law in your state.

How to Perform a Rental Property Inspection

There are some guidelines for you to follow when you wish to undergo an inspection.

Firstly, make sure you give the tenants some notice beforehand. This is likely required by law, so be aware of what rules you have to abide by. You can consult a rental property lawyer to understand your obligations.

You may also want to explain why you feel the need to do an inspection so that your tenants can understand your position.

If you are taking pictures of the property, you should still maintain the privacy of your tenants and not photograph their personal belongings!

Everything to Know About Rental Inspections

Being a landlord carries its own challenges, including having to make sure your property is kept in good condition. In order to do this, you will have to undergo a rental property inspection every now and then!

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