8 Benefits of Having a Tenant Portal

8 Benefits of Having a Tenant Portal

There are about 10 million individual landlords in the United States. Many of them do not use a tenant portal.

However, using a digital portal can drastically improve the efficiency and ease of dealing with tenant issues.

Ready to learn why you should make the switch to tenant portals? Read on!

1. 24-7 Information 

If a tenant has a question at 11 pm and they feel that it is vital to get an answer, they may call you after hours. Since this can be frustrating, you may want to find a way around this.

Having a tenant portal will give your tenants access to 24-7 information online.

2. Online Payments

Having a tenant portal can also streamline the payment process. Instead of waiting for a check in the mail or physically picking up the check from your tenants, there is an option for online payments.

This is a more secure and quicker process.

3. Increase Communication 

If you and your tenants want to communicate, using the tenant portal makes this easier. There's no need to give out individual phone numbers or any of that to communicate.

4. Efficient Maintenance Requests

If there is an issue in the apartment or rental property, a tenant can easily go online to the digital portal to request maintenance. This can save a lot of time and back and forth during the process.

5. Increase Transparency

When a tenant feels that they are missing information or do not have access to all their files or rights, this can create problems. With a tenant portal, there will be increased transparency so they can always have access to their payments, fees, due dates, commonly asked questions, lease agreements, amenity rules, and more!

6. Build a Sense of Community

With a tenant portal, you can easily send messages to every single tenant you are overseeing all at once.

This means if you want to host an event for the community, you can just post this on the portal. If you want feedback, you can send out a survey for tenants to complete.

This will make tenants feel like you care about them as well as build a community.

7. Tenants Can Update Information 

If there are any changes in information for the tenants, they can change it themselves in the portal. You will no longer have to waste your time tracking them down and asking for the new info.

8. Save Time

As a landlord, you have a ton of things to do. With a tenant portal, you'll gain some of your time back since it won't be spent on some of the more mundane tasks that the portal can now take care of for you.

Benefits of a Tenant Portal

If you haven't yet started using a tenant portal, it is time to start!

Need help getting started with this? Contact us at Philadelphia Property Management so we can be there for you as a manager of the property and help set up your portal!

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