7 Things to Look for During a Rental Property Inspection

7 Things to Look for During a Rental Property Inspection

Only 10% of cities across America have got serious residential rental housing inspection programs in place. Still, that is no reason not to do this yourself and ensure that your rented properties are fit for habitation. But do you know how to do a rental property inspection and what you should be looking for?

Below we detail seven items that you should always keep an eye out for when engaged in a property inspection. By the end, you should understand what you can do to prevent headaches from further issues later on. So read on, make a list, and plan your next property inspection.

1. Water Damage

Water stains are the number one hint that there could be water damage within the walls and floors. This would be a discoloration in an area, especially in a corner or next to the floor or ceiling. If there is no obvious reason behind the color change, it is likely water behind the wall itself.

2. Running Toilets or Taps

Dripping taps or running water that you cannot turn off can cause damage over time. Not only will they erode the pipes, but they will also cause any water bills to be far higher than they should be.

3. Damaged Window or Door Seals

If you leave the seals around a window or door to rot away, then they could let in moisture, pests, or other problems. Ensure that your rental property seals tight against such issues.

4. Evidence of Pests

Droppings, chitinous casings, or other indications that there are pests in the home are huge red flags. Also, check the areas around the bed or under fixtures and fittings to locate hidden indications of a larger problem. If you discover anything there, you might need to call in an exterminator.

5. Fire Extinguisher Status

As part of your property maintenance, you must check that the fire extinguishers are full. This should come with a log book or a similar record to show that you have done this work for your own sake.

6. Smoke Alarm Status

Another part of regular rental property maintenance is to ensure the safety of any renters. This includes checking that the smoke alarms all work.

7. Evidence of Poor Care

As a rental property owner, you are not only looking for specific issues. You might also want to ensure that the tenant is likely to be taking care of the location. The main way you can check this is to see if they are taking out their trash.

If they are not, it is time to take a closer look at the rest of the property.

What After a Rental Property Inspection?

Now that you understand what entails a rental property inspection, you might be starting to think that this is all a bit much. After all, you must do this to each of your properties every inspection period. What if there was an easier way, and someone else could do it for you?

Lucky for you, as property managers we are ready to check Philadelphia properties in your area for you. Talk to our experts and get all the information on what we can do to help you move forward. So, grab your phone and talk to us today about what we can offer.

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